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Your New Opinion

Are you sick and tired of having your own thoughts and viewpoints? Let our podcast decide for you!

Your New Opinion is a highly inaccurate, factually twisted, and comically bent podcast. Join our hosts Nick, Ryan, and Mike as they take turns trying to persuade each other to opposing sides of hot-button issues.

Topics range from discussions on pop culture, conspiracy theories, and even the deeply personal. Listen as our debaters try every trick to win in this funny, entertaining, and irreverent show!

Jan 25, 2019

The internet can be a lonely place...that is, unless you've joined a community on some form of message boards. Well, the boys decide to talk back as they discuss and debate two of the most well-known: 4chan and Reddit.

Mike decides to become a /b/tard as he argues for 4chan. Nick takes the side of Reddit and gives it a 5/7 with rice. Ryan, meanwhile, sits back to judge!

Listen in as they talk about user-friendliness, subreddits, the Wild West, anonymous, butt sharpies, hacking, the Fappening, Pizzagate, Robot Unicorn Attack, and putting Bilbo Baggins' face on girls in porn.

What was Mike's college life like? How is Nick's prostate? How has Ryan spied on his friends?

Find out by upvoting: 4chan vs Reddit!