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Your New Opinion

Are you sick and tired of having your own thoughts and viewpoints? Let our podcast decide for you!

Your New Opinion is a highly inaccurate, factually twisted, and comically bent podcast. Join our hosts Nick, Ryan, and Mike as they take turns trying to persuade each other to opposing sides of hot-button issues.

Topics range from discussions on pop culture, conspiracy theories, and even the deeply personal. Listen as our debaters try every trick to win in this funny, entertaining, and irreverent show!

Apr 20, 2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Specifically, the boys scream and yell and get into a big tiff about the best ice cream flavor!

Mike and Ryan, rehashing a real life argument, chew the scenery as the atmosphere gets cold. The former fudges some numbers debating for chocolate. Ryan, meanwhile, extracts...

Apr 6, 2018

For a second time, horror author Tim Meyer joins the boys again! He helps to move the discussion along to something near and dear to everyone's hearts. It's a comical clobbering concerning kid's cartoons!

Mike's got the power as he argues for Transformers. Ryan takes the side of the heroes in a half shell, the Teenage...

Mar 23, 2018

With the passing of the great Stephen Hawking, the anniversary of Albert Einstein's birthday, and the general craziness that's been Elon Musk lately, the boys decide to enter their laboratory! It's science!

This heated debate gets started when Ryan throws all of his energy behind the great Albert Einstein. Nick then...

Mar 9, 2018

Horror author Tim Meyer (and Aperture Hour host) stops by for a little stint as a guest judge this week, so the boys decide to send some scares his way! It's a brutal beat-down about beastly brutes!

Nick tries to hypnotize Tim into picking Dracula before he gets defanged. Ryan brings to life his argument for...

Feb 23, 2018

Martial arts films are a staple of the action film genre, and with their continued popularity, the boys decide to enter the arena. They're armed with Kung Fu facts and Jeet Kune Do details.

With special guest judge Seventh Evan making another appearance, Ryan, Nick, and Mike all argue for the best martial arts film...