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Your New Opinion

Are you sick and tired of having your own thoughts and viewpoints? Let our podcast decide for you!

Your New Opinion is a highly inaccurate, factually twisted, and comically bent podcast. Join our hosts Nick, Ryan, and Mike as they take turns trying to persuade each other to opposing sides of hot-button issues.

Topics range from discussions on pop culture, conspiracy theories, and even the deeply personal. Listen as our debaters try every trick to win in this funny, entertaining, and irreverent show!

Jun 22, 2018

The World Health Organization just classified gaming disorder as a type of addiction. There has been a lot of push back from both video gamers to mental health professionals. But now, the boys are in control of the argument.

Mike decides to argue the pros of WHO's actions, while Ryan debates that they're definition of the disorder will only cause harm.

They run the gamut of discussion topics: death threats, gambling addiction, why Fortnite is garbage, parental advisory stickers, brain imaging studies, pharmaceutical lobbies, Twitch, Skyrim, and the Gorrilaz.

Does Mike ever play Gameboy during lunch? Does Nick masterbate to Dark Souls? Does Ryan want to bully some nerds?

Listen and boot up: Is Gaming Disorder a Valid Addiction?